Web Reclaimed?

Existing Digitally, Audrey Watters Owning your own domain, having a website – this does not mean that you have to have a “blog.” Not everyone is a writer; not everyone wants to publish in their writing in a reverse chronological order on the Web. I get that. But you should still have your own domain. […]

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Meanwhile, in higher education…

Higher education passivity Existing Digitally, Audrey Watters If technologies are shifting our industries – and certainly we’re told they are – then how should we, how must we respond – and respond not in the service of “industry needs” but in the service of our own needs. What I often fear is that we don’t […]

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Black boxes

FIPPA • privacy • corporate co-option • net neutrality • DRM • risk • patent system • security •  trolls • openwashing • CISPA • spying • fraud • tracking • hacking • apathy • CALEA • data snooping • LMS/VLE-ification • mass surveillance • Facebook • phishing • spamming • NSA • Gamergate • […]

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  Enter Disruption Audrey Watters has noted the essentially apocalyptic flavor of what she describes as “the myth and the millennialism of disruptive innovation” – mythic in the sense that it prophesies “the destruction of the old and the ascension of the new” and constitutes a narrative that “has been widely accepted as unassailably true.” […]

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Online identity

Establishing an online identity It is yours to shape, a platform for publication, advocacy, with very favorable “effort to impact” ratio Professional networking, as a peer, can have immediate benefits A portfolio for personal presentation, and more discrete projects You Show – with resources, activities, examples Process… “narrating your work“; “working observably” “the virtual equivalent […]

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